Inspired by my love of coffee, I travelled to South America and found myself on the slopes of Machu Picchu. On a small coffee farm in Quillabamba in the Cusco Region I was offered a hot chocolate. It was different to anything I had ever tasted – it was transformative. With a great balance of sweetness and bitterness, full of aroma and complexity, I was left craving more. I wanted to recreate this flavour experience and bring it home for others to enjoy.

This experience began my exploration into the world of chocolate.

My upbringing fostered a respect for the slow, thoughtful creation of high-quality and natural products. Growing up in Bosnia, I would assist my grandmother roasting coffee beans, then spend weekends with my dad creating fresh homemade cosmetics or picking up wild berries for homemade preserves.

I was drawn to a career in the coffee industry where years of tastings meant I developed a well honed palate and came to understand and appreciate the complexity of flavour profiles.

This combination of a love for quality produce, a commitment to ethical sustainable living and an in depth knowledge of coffee all came together for me at that moment in Peru and propelled me into the world of chocolate. I was driven to explore the globe for the finest quality cacao, to create a chocolate product that would reflect my philosophy.

Nomad Chocolate presents chocolate in the purest form possible, free of fillers, emulsifiers, additives and GMO. It is a labour of love and a product I am immensely proud of. I hope you enjoy tasting it as much as I enjoyed my journey in creating it